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Sunday, 25 December 2011


Yessire... Straight up from the round table of Get Fame members, We solemnly thank all our blog readers, group supporters,friends and foes,and aldose who has been with the Team from its inception till present. We love yall and pray God to bless yall abundantly.Still in the spirit of the love season, we wish yall a Merry Xmas Season and more prosperous New year in Advance. If you are a true and consistent supporter and fan of the Team, you must have noticed a long break in our work. Well, theres no explaination for that., Lol... we just decided to give yall a little time to miss us...Lol, hope it worked. As our calender reads, we are soon drawing to the end of this year, and as such we wont like to close this year in an ordinary way, so we decided to bring you some G-String bars from Sw!zzy and his Babcock Artistes. Lol dont get carried away joor, it aint the female G-String, go and read your music book. Now this song by college music features artiste like Sw!zzy, Jammal and Madiba. Sw!zzy's verse was so wack...*Lol*...but you cant fail to move your shoulders, knees, and toes to Madiba's vibe on this song. CLICK   HERE to download this Jam. Also, as part of the big show we have in stock for this end of year, we gonna be show casing the pictures of Get Fame most beautiful girls we have come across in circumcising the Globe...*yimu* Lol....this exhibit includes parental Advisory as pictures may carry Explicit contents...we dont want to stimulate non sense in the course of doing our job...*Lol*. We planned on organising an end of year party, but sincerely speaking ba, it flopped. Wen my team discovers that i disclosed doomed. Well, guyz and babes, many more shall be coming your way before the end of this year from Team Get Fame. WE ARE PROUD TO TELL YOU THAT YOU WILL EXPERIENCE MORE OF TEAM GET FAME COME 2012. HOPE YOU GOT A FREE AIRTIME ON TWITTER, IF YOU DINT WELL, NA YOU DULL. AM OUT!!!

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