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Monday, 26 December 2011


Okay deres this girl that goes by the name 'Sandra'. Sandra's love life of recent has grown into a cobweb of Lovers. She's a Law student of one the fastest growing private universities in Nigeria and has a Boyfriend in the same department. Sandra already had three boyfriends initially before she started skul and in her very big mind, she tot she could handle four grown guys with her young age. Things started to fall apart with sandra when her latest boyfriend 'Terso' was seduced by another friend of Sandra. Although Terso successfully sweet talked her into forgiving him, things began to change as Sandra started to seek the immense attention of one of her boyfriends outside skul called Tony, who cares less than how much he loves her. The remaining two boyfriends of hers have been perstering her to stick with them as she wants out with em, and wants to settledown with Tony. She also wants out with Terso, but shes afraid of missing him. Well i wud appreciate it if yu guyz posted your comment and advice for Sandra, becos shes rily sorry and sad for putting such burden upon herself. Terso on the other hand pisses her off virtually every day, and she begs Tony everyday to show her some love. As at yesterday, she resolved to seeking out with Tony, buh doesnt have the mind to come out straight with him. How sad!!! WELL, GUYZ AND BABES, SANDRA IS ALL YOURS NOW, DO AS U WISH WITH HER AND CAUTION HER RATIONALLY FOR US PLEASE. WHO KNOWS, WE MAY SIGN HER UP INTO GET FAME SO GET TO MEET HER*Yimu* Lol. WE DONT NEED HER TO TRIPLE DATE OUR EXECUTIVES ABEG. LOL. SANDRA IS WAITING..........

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