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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

I Saw Jesus Twice in my Bed Room- Rev Uma Ukpai

Founder of Uma Ukpai Evangelistic Association Incorporated, Reverend Dr. Uma Ukpai, spoke  about how God made him perform his first miracle at the age of 10 and sundry issues affecting the polity and Christendom.

We have heard much about the many wonderful things, especially healings that God has been using you as a vessel to perform for the benefit of humanity. Who really are you?

Well, I am just an ordinary man who was fortunate to meet Christ at the age of 10 and it was not an ordinary meeting as it was dramatic in the sense that soon after a mad man came to our school and sent everybody out. I then heard God say to me that “you also can sack him”, and so I commanded him. His name was Deko and the incident took place in Udohi, Ukana County Council School and the mad man rolled out of the school.

This experience frightened me, just like it frightened others; the story began to circulate and this was in 1958 and it is still circulating. We have seen God healed different kinds of people but it was not me that carried out those miracles as I was only an instrument in God’s hands. Even the miracles confused and baffled me just as it baffled all other observers and so, I would not say that it was me that did it but I would say that it was God. I have seen God do what I considered to be impossible and up till now, my mind would prick me to ask if or not it was in a trance or it was real.

Ordinarily, they don’t add up but I have had to keep quiet and say to myself that if it is of God, He would do another type and He has done various kinds of miracles over the years which are spread across the world. In our crusade in Umuahia, God told me the very first day of the Great Umuahia for Christ Crusade that 15 cripples would walk. I have never seen such number walked before. Even Christians from my hometown came to me and told me that if I was not sure that this would happen, then, I should not come to the crusade ground because the people would be coming to the place with their stones and Bibles. But everything happened completely and I was struck with fear.

While speaking in Abiriba, where you can call my home, God told me to ask them to bring every blind person they knew and that without prayers, those that would see, would see and people brought the blind from all over the Local Governments and out of 18 blind people brought there that day, 17 people confessed that they saw without prayers. My uncle who was a pastor asked me what this was, because, according to him, miracles could not happen without prayers and I told him.

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